Road to the Finish Line: Knox Robinson Shares His Boston Marathon® Journey

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As the Official Connected Treadmill and Digital Fitness Content Subscription partner of the 127th Boston Marathon®, iFIT sat down recently with trainer Knox Robinson as he prepares for Marathon Monday on April 17. We asked Knox to share what the Boston Marathon means to him, as well as expert training tips to help you on your fitness journey!

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What does running the Boston Marathon® mean to you?

Knox: “It’s not so much the peak experiences, but it’s the times when we’ve come back from a struggle. And I think that’s kind of what informs my own experience in Boston. Both personal struggle and the struggle that all of us have endured sometimes collectively.”

Can you expand on that?

Knox: After the bombing in 2013, to come back to be reunited with the city and its marathoners the year after, and to cross the line, full of emotion, tears streaming down my face, and to think that an American would take all of our pain, our grief, our resilience, and our perseverance, and encapsulate that by winning America’s marathon was super profound.”

You also ran the Boston Marathon® in 2021. What was that experience like for you?

Knox: “Coming back after the pause the pandemic and coming down that finishing straight, the crowds were out, the competitors were out, the energy was out, and I just felt we’re back—running’s back. Marathoning is back. So I’ve had some fast times at Boston. I’ve had some tough times at Boston. But more than anything, I really think that those impactful memories of resilience define America’s marathon, and the world’s oldest marathon, for me.”

Knox, thank you so much for your time. Before you go, do you have any advice for folks training to run a marathon?

Knox: It’s really important to warm up before any race. Make sure you’re encouraging gentle cardiovascular exercise with some fast walking, building into a jog. And then, you want to go through a series of mobility exercises. I’m going to do 10 arm swings on each arm in each direction. And then I’m just going to move down the body and do some simple ankle rolls. Bring a little Elvis Presley, James Brown energy to the starting line out there, so the whole body, top to bottom, is ready to go in a flexible, energetic, optimistic way!”

Keep moving with Knox!

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