Series Feature: 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon®

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Head to Illinois and join iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson for the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon®! In this series, you’ll run this world class marathon in six parts, including a warm up and cool down. Best of all, Ashley will help motivate and push you to reach the finish line. On your mark, get set, go! 

About iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson

Raised in Utah County, Ashley Paulson has always loved long-distance running. Inspired by her dad, an avid marathon runner, she began joining him on his shorter runs at eight years old. Today, Ashley is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who is also certified in kickboxing, Zumba, and cycling. As an Ironman athlete, she is a self-proclaimed cardio junkie, and she never turns down a good HIIT workout. Some of her favorite things to do are hike, paddleboard, and eat!

About Chicago

As one of the largest cities in the United States, Chicago is a must-see destination for tourists worldwide. From its incredible skyline dotted with skyscrapers and a buzzworthy food scene to its impressive arts community, Chicago is special. In this series, you’ll speed through the streets of the Windy City, taking in the views of its many neighborhoods as well as Lincoln Park, Lake Michigan, and more.

About the workouts

Ashley will coach you through the Chicago Marathon® in six parts. Before the race, she’ll walk you through a warm up routine to help prime your muscles to work. During your time together, you’ll learn helpful tips and tricks from Ashley that she uses in her running protocol. After you’ve crossed the finish line, you’ll also have a nice cool down to relax and recover as you wrap up the series.

Ready to race? Join the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon®!

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