Series Feature: Muscle Maintenance

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iFIT Trainer John Peel is back with a powerful, 6-part strength series designed to be a part of holistic weight loss journeys, including those using weight loss medications. John has programmed each workout to help maintain lean muscle mass while losing weight. Along the way, you’ll also increase strength, agility, and power in challenging yet rewarding workouts.

About the workouts

John coaches you through 6 beginner strength workouts with each session focusing on upper, lower, or total-body exercises. These workouts will help you gain and maintain lean muscle mass, accelerate weight loss, and build strength. Use the iFIT Apps to get active wherever you are, whenever. The TV App is perfect for big-screen sweat sessions, and the mobile app for when you’re away from home.

About London’s Chatham Dockyard

In this series, you’ll be training in London’s historic Chatham Dockyard. Established in Chatham in the mid-16th century as a Royal Navy Dockyard, it now exists as the world’s most complete dockyard of the Age of Sail, when Great Britain’s Royal Navy controlled the seas. Tourists can visit and explore warships, watch master ropemakers at work, and soak up the history of maritime objects from the collections of the Royal Museums Greenwich and Imperial War Museums.

Workout highlights

  • Beginner workouts
  • 6 workouts
  • Average workout duration: 20 minutes or less
  • Available on the iFIT app

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