December 12 Days of iFITness Challenge

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Ready to finish the year strong and get into the holiday spirit? The 12 Days of iFITness is here to help. This month, you’ll explore the path less traveled, see snowy mountain peaks, and even find a relaxing reprieve from the cold on a white sandy beach or two. Want more holiday fun? Be sure to follow iFIT on Instagram!

Unlike last year’s 12 Days of Fitness Challenge, this year you’ll have access to all 12 workouts in each level starting December 1. 

If you complete all of the workouts from your selected level for the 12 Days of iFITness by December 31, 2021, you’ll earn an exclusive reward in the mail. Ready to get started? Hop on your equipment or mat to start your journey! 

Here are this month’s Challenge levels:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Winter Walking: Stroll into a winter wonderland with 12 walking workouts for your treadmill or elliptical. You’ll explore the holiday village in Germany, walk across a glacier in Argentina, and escape the cold weather with a beach walk in Turks and Caicos. 

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Holiday Hiking: Head for the holiday hills with 12 hiking workouts on your treadmill or elliptical. Head to Nepal as you take on Everest, gaze at snow-capped mountains in Switzerland, and visit South America as you hike in Ecuador.

Join Holiday Hiking

Reindeer Running: Run like a reindeer with 12 running workouts on your treadmill or elliptical. Explore the holiday markets in Germany, see the snow-capped mountains in Chile, and even explore the rainforest in Costa Rica. 

Join Reindeer Running

Bike workouts

Frosty Coasting: Roll through winter with 12 cycling workouts on your bike. This month, you’ll go for a sleigh ride in Alaska, see the peaks in Switzerland, and even head for warmer temperatures in Argentina.

Join Frosty Coasting

Chilly Cycling: Cycle through the cold with 12 bike workouts. Explore the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia, ride by the calm waters of Lake Tahoe, and get a break from the cold in Hawaii and Jamaica.

Join Chilly Cycling

Snowy Climbing: Take on the snowy peaks with 12 cycling  workouts. Enjoy the climb in Switzerland, ride the trails in British Columbia, and head for sunnier days in Maui!

Join Snowy Climbing

Rower workouts

Holiday Rowing: Row into frosty temperatures with 12 rowing workouts. You’ll head to Montana to test your endurance, recover in Brazil, and visit the iFIT Studio for bootcamp and cross-training workouts.

Join Holiday Rowing

Strength workouts

Snowy Strength: Travel the world with these 12 strength workouts. Tackle a total-body workout in Argentina, get focused with Pilates in Aruba, and make it count with weight training in Antarctica alongside penguins! 

Join Snowy Strength

Yoga workouts

Yuletide Yoga: Find your zen during the holidays with 12 yoga workouts. You’ll find your flow in Argentina, become one with nature in Jamaica, and work on self-love and deepening your intuition along the way.

Join Yuletide Yoga

No matter what workout level you choose this month, you’re sure to get into the holiday spirit! 


Do the Holiday Hustle and earn a 2022 iFIT calendar when you complete at least one Challenge each month in October, November, and December 2021.

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