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New Year, New Exercise

Dani Jette

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Dare I say it? You almost never hear the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” without hearing the words “exercise” and “fitness” immediately afterward. That’s because most of our resolutions have something to do with getting ourselves back on track after a long year and, most importantly, the busy holidays. Now that we’ve welcomed 2019, it’s time to lock down your New Year’s resolutions. While you might be used to choosing just one major goal, this year, we’ve decided to try something different!

Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, sleep better, be more active, or anything that might lead you to a healthier you, it’s important to focus on the steps you’ll take to get there. This year, we’re focusing on small milestones that will help you stay consistent throughout the year. By highlighting Nutrition, Activity, Exercise, and Sleep, iFit’s four fitness essentials, you’ll make lasting changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

One of the biggest challenges of keeping a New Year’s resolution is finding the time to stick to it. Between work, family, and anything else you might be struggling to balance, it’s hard to sneak away to the gym once a week, let alone on a daily basis. If you’re a member of iFit, you’ve probably already experienced many of the amazing benefits iFit Coach has to offer. From studio classes to exciting global workouts, there’s nothing more convenient than working out right at home.

Year round, our team works hard to bring you new, challenging and exciting workouts that will make your fitness experience rewarding and fun. Our pro tip: complete one video workout of your choice each day. To honor 2019, here’s our list of exciting workouts to get you started, no matter your experience level…and there’s something for every type of equipment!


If you’re training on one of our rowers, there are many exciting workouts you can choose from! The Zambia Beginner Series with iFit Trainer James Stephenson focuses on getting you comfortable on a rower with short intervals, recoveries, and assessments over a period of four weeks.

For beginners

Downriver Mukambi Lodge, Kafue River, Zambia (Week 3, Workout 1)

Try this endurance workout with iFit trainer James “Stevo” Stephenson. You’ll focus on increasing your power as you row through four four-minute intervals, alternating your stroke rate every two minutes.

For intermediate rowers

Upriver Mukambi Lodge, Kafue River, Zambia (Week 4, Workout 2)

Join iFit Trainer Stevo on the Kafue River for an incredible power and strength workout. He’ll coach you through a series of challenging tabata sets before finishing with 2 sprints at 80% intensity.


If you’re working out on a stationary bike, no matter your level of expertise, there are many workout options you can choose from!

For beginners

Riffelberg Downhill Ride, Zermatt, Switzerland

Train to the terrain with iFit trainer Regan Pearce! You’ll climb up to the Riffelberg railway station in Switzerland, then cruise back down the mountain. Enjoy the beautiful views as you maintain an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) of eight throughout the workout.

For intermediate riders

Lugano Lakeside Ride Part 1, Switzerland

Ride around the stunning glacial lake in Lugano, Switzerland with iFit Trainer Ashley Paulson. She’ll take you through a tempo workout consisting of eight two-minute intervals at an RPE between six and seven. With a one-to-one work-to-rest ratio, you’ll have plenty of recovery time, too!

For advanced riders

Dead Horse Point Ride, Moab, Utah

Ride with iFit Trainer Travis McCabe through Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah. After each 2-minute interval, you’ll get 1 minute to recover. You’ll complete 6 rounds total, before finishing with 4 30-second bursts to feel that positive burn in your legs!


If you’re working out on an incline trainer, treadmill, or elliptical, these workouts are sure to get you to break a sweat—no matter your experience level!

For beginners

Whalers Bay, Antarctica (Week 4, Workout 1)
Start the last week of this series in Whalers Bay, Antarctica with iFit trainer Betina Gozo. She’ll take you through an interval workout designed to build your heart strength and aerobic capacity, with an equal work-to-rest ratio throughout the workout.

For intermediate runners

Fautaua Waterfall Bodyweight Bootcamp, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Join iFit trainer Elyse Miller on the incredible island of Tahiti. After a quick warmup, you’ll run for 3 minutes, then hop off your machine to cross train. You’ll repeat this pattern until you reach Fautaua Waterfall—the 28th highest waterfall in the world!

For advanced runners

Matterhorn Base Hike, Switzerland (Part 1)

Welcome back to the beautiful Swiss Alps! This is your first climb of a 3-part hike up to the Matterhorn Base Camp. You’ll start at the top of Schwarzsee Trail, making your way up the mountain with iFit trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey.

The fun doesn’t have to end here! There are hundreds of exciting training programs waiting to be discovered in our library on your console or tablet iFit Cardio app. Don’t forget—even the smallest changes to your daily routine matter, so don’t get down on yourself if you aren’t working out as hard as you intended! Slow and steady wins the race, so remember to focus on smaller goals as you stay consistent throughout 2019!

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