Introducing iFIT Club 26.2: Run Four of the World’s Biggest Marathons with iFIT!

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The time and dedication of training, the excitement of the start line, and the thrill of crossing the finish line: there’s nothing quite like the marathon race. In the spirit of this experience, we’ve partnered with the world’s biggest marathons for a fall and winter to remember.

There are four new marathon series coming to the iFIT Library, starting in October 2021! You can join some of your favorite iFIT Trainers on the course as you complete the 26.2-mile distance together. From the roar of the crowd to the push through those tough miles, you’ll be together every step of the way!

Each race can be completed in parts, or you can run the full distance all at once—the choice is yours! The full Boston Marathon® race in 1 workout is coming to the iFIT Library soon.

Four marathon series are coming to the iFIT Library

2021 Boston Marathon in the iFIT Library

Join the 2021 Boston Marathon®

2021 Virgin Money London Marathon in the iFIT Library

Join the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon®

2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon in the iFIT Library
2021 TCS New York City Marathon in the iFIT Library

Introducing iFIT Club 26.2

Ready to tackle every race? iFIT Club 26.2 was inspired by the marathon distance and our incredible community! It’s all about camaraderie and completing some of the world’s biggest marathons together. 

iFIT Club 26.2

How it works

You can join iFIT Club 26.2 by completing all 4 of our new marathon series, listed above, by March 31, 2022. Complete each race in parts or in one workout (once available)—the choice is yours! If you complete all 4 marathon series by the deadline, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind Club 26.2 medal. 

Reward redemption

All eligible members, regardless of when they complete the marathons during the reward redemption period, will receive reward redemption instructions via email after March 31, 2022.

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