Series Feature: White Rim Cycle Series

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Utah’s White Rim Road is known for its rugged, unmarked nature, making it a prized destination for mountain bike enthusiasts. In the White Rim Cycle Series,  iFIT Trainer Yuri Hauswald takes you on a short adventure along this famed road in Canyonlands National Park. During these workouts, you’ll sharpen your cycling skills and increase your endurance. Let’s ride the White Rim!

About iFIT Trainer Yuri Hauswald

Yuri Hauswald is from Petaluma, California, and loves adventure and athleticism. As a child, he spent a lot of time outdoors and played lacrosse for the University of California, Berkeley. Later in life, Yuri became interested in cycling while teaching English in Pennsylvania. Since then, he has competed at bike races worldwide, including one of the most difficult single-day cycling events in North America: The Dirty Kanza 200! Yuri continues his devotion to riding by perfecting his technique and teaching professional cycling. 

About White Rim Road, Utah

Totaling 100 miles around the Island in the Sky mesa top, White Rim Road is beloved by those who crave adventure. It’s a popular destination for folks with off-roading vehicles and mountain bikes, as the road is full of challenges like loose rock, switchbacks, and steep climbs. During this series, you’ll ride along the White Rim and see the vast canyons, sweeping horizons, and geologic wonders that Utah is known for! 

About the workouts

In this series, Yuri will coach you through biking workouts that focus on building up your endurance. As you pedal up steep, leg-strengthening climbs, you’ll earn stunning views of Airport Tower, Gooseberry Canyon, and more. Although this is a short series, come prepared to give it your all on the White Rim Road! 

Are you ready to hit the road with Yuri? Join the White Rim Cycle Series!

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