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Get Ready to Race with iFit!

Emily Doenges

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The roar of the crowd. The energy of competition. The thrill of pushing yourself to the finish line. There’s nothing quite like the experience of participating in (and completing) a race. For many people, those races have been canceled or postponed, leaving them searching for the excitement of the race experience. 

Whether you want to conquer a road race on your bike, a timed rowing race, or a specific distance on the treadmill, iFit has workouts designed just for you. We even have workouts to help you train for those distances if you’re looking for more coaching and preparation.

You can tour the state of Utah on your bike, run the entire 2019 Boston Marathon on your treadmill, or try your hand at a rowing regatta in Zambia. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to feel the excitement that can only come from a race!

Click on any of the links below to sign up for and begin a race. You’ll be feeling the rush of race day in no time! 

Cycling races

2019 Tour of Utah Series with Travis McCabe

2016 Tour de France

Running or walking races

Turkey Trot Race, Long Beach, California

Loven Family 5K Race, Sedona 

Niagara Falls 10K with John Peel

Kauai Half Marathon with Heather Jenson

2019 Boston Marathon Series with Ashley Paulson

Rowing races

Head of the Charles Race, Boston, Massachusetts

Lake Avis, Portugal, Race of the Brothers

Lake Bled, Slovenia, The Race

Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Power Up Race

Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Rowing Race

Upriver Mukambi Lodge, Kafue River, Zambia Regatta

Upriver Mukambi Lodge, Kafue River, Zambia, Head-to-head Race

Lake Inniscarra, Ireland, Head-to-head

River Thames, England, Dual Tandem Race

We also have series to help you train to run various race distances!

Costa Rica 5K Training Series with Tommy Rivers Puzey

10K Training Series Part 1 with Tommy Rivers Puzey 

10K Training Series Part 2 with Tommy Rivers Puzey

Bolivia Half Marathon Training Series Part 1 with Tommy Rivers Puzey

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