Around the World Challenge

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This month, we encourage everyone to come together as one team to complete our Around the World Challenge. This challenge is a compilation of 21 various Global Workouts, filmed in beautiful destinations all over the world. Over the next 21 days, you’ll work out in a new location with a different trainer every day. If you’ve been looking for a program with a little bit of everything, this is it!

We hope you’ll enjoy virtually traveling the world and having something to work toward each day. We also hope you’ll find togetherness as the entire iFit community unites to achieve the same goal over the next few weeks. Now, who’s ready for the challenge?

The challenge.

Finish at least 7 of the workouts (or go the extra mile and complete all 21!) by April 20, 2020. Simply fill out the form based on your equipment type, add the program to your schedule, then complete it on your machine!

The reward.

After you complete 7 workouts, we’ll send your reward in the mail!

Click on your equipment type below, then fill out the form to get started. 

Treadmill series
Bike series
Elliptical series
Rower series

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