Beginner Bike Workout Flow Chart

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We love hearing from our iFit members, answering questions, and helping guide you on your fitness journey. A question we get often is, “What’s the best cycling workout for beginners?” We also hear from members of our iFit Community who finished their first bike series and want to know which workout they should tackle next.  

Whether you’re new to the iFit family or just getting started on your fitness journey, there is a workout for you. We’ve searched the entire iFit Library to create the perfect cycling plan, just for beginners. 

Here is your step-by-step guide to making the most of iFit, your bike, and your workout routine! 

Aerobic Base Builder Series with Ashleigh McIvor

Chilean Adventure Series with Ashleigh McIvor

Turkey Endurance Series with Ryan Petry

Switzerland Mountain Series with Regan Pearce

New Zealand Adventure Series with Kate Fluker

Chile Climbing Series with Ryan Petry

Moab Trail Rides with Casey Zaugg, Larissa Connors, and Sonya Looney

Lactate Threshold Series with Ryan Petry

Progressive Power Series with Jen Hudak

New Zealand Mountain Series with Regan Pearce and Eric Porter

Next Level Biking Series with Adam Pedicini

Dream Chaser Series with Nicole Meline

Strong & Lean Series with Gideon Akande

Lean & Fit Series with Gideon Akande

Weight Loss Journey Series with Nicole Meline

Total-Body HIIT Series with Stacie Clark

Cycle Quick Sweat Mini Series with Gideon Akande

Ultimate Bootcamp Series with Anja Garcia

Next Level Bootcamp Series with Paulo Barreto

Power & Performance Cycle Series with Chris Clark

Cadence, Power, & Speed Miniseries with Chris Clark

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