iFIT Member Highlight: Diane Hood

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For more than a decade, iFIT member and ambassador Diane Hood has been along for the ride with us. If you’re a member of the Official iFIT Member Facebook Group, you’ve likely seen her encouraging others to reach monthly fitness goals and discussing new workout challenges she’s created for herself. Maybe you’ve even seen her impressive running shoe collection!

As a lifelong runner, Diane has completed numerous races, both in person and virtually. Now, at 61, she continues to push herself in her home gym, whether she’s on her treadmill, bike, or elliptical. Diane keyed us in on her incredible fitness journey, touching on what sparked her passion, the iFIT Community, and the recent Crown City Classic 5K

iFIT member Diane Hood

You completed the Crown City Classic 5K over the July 4th weekend. What was it like running alongside Kirstie Ennis?

Running the Crown City Classic 5K was such an amazing experience. I have completed many 5Ks in my life, but this was by far my favorite. Being right there with Kirstie Ennis, I felt like we were all supporting each other, and I have never felt more proud to be an American.

iFIT literally changed the way I trained. Not only could I map out my actual racecourse and run it, but I was able to get more miles in than I ever have (even in my 20s).

You’ve ticked off a number of iFIT series and virtual races, as well as your own workout challenges. When did your passion for fitness begin? What piqued your interest?

My fitness journey began in 1976 when I was 16 years old. I started running because I loved it and would just run everywhere. I didn’t start doing races until 1981. I have done about six marathons and many, many half marathons. In 2009, I tried my hand at some triathlons starting with a Half Ironman, several sprint distances, and an Olympic distance. 

iFIT member Diane Hood's fitness journey

How long have you been an iFIT member?

I have been with iFIT for 10 and a half years now. I started with a treadmill and now have the Freestrider, S221 bike, Fusion CST, and have recently added a rower.

What does the iFIT Community mean to you?

The iFIT Community is simply amazing. I have made many good friends here, and some I have met and ran with. I am getting ready to meet a friend of nine years in August. The support and kindness this group gives is simply wonderful. 

What do you like most about iFIT?

Over the last 10 and a half years, I have seen iFIT grow and become the phenomenon it is today.

As an endurance athlete, what nutrition/hydration aids do you use to stay fueled up while training or out on the course?

Being an endurance runner, I have never really used many fuel-specific products. I call myself an “old-school runner” because I carry a water pack and some cookies. However, I have recently started using some of the gels that are out there, and I do use iFIT BCAA+ (shameless plug, but I love it).

iFIT member Diane Hood running workout

Who is your favorite iFIT Trainer?

A few of my favorite trainers are John Peel, Tommy Rivs Puzey, and Hannah Eden.

What is your favorite iFIT Series?

My favorite running workout series so far is Tommy Rivs’ Bolivia Half Marathon Training Series Part 1, but John Peel’s 5K Training Series Part 2: Romania is a close second. 

iFIT member Diane Hood bike workout

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