Join the September Challenge!

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The September Challenge is here! We’re changing things up a little this month, and we’re excited for you to get in on the action. This month is all about our audio workouts! We’re challenging you to complete one of five audio series in the iFit app. You’ll have from September 8–30 to choose your audio series and conquer this challenge! 

Choose from the following series:

Heartward Yoga Series with Nicole Meline

Intro to Endurance Jogging Outdoor Series with Phil Catudal

Power Walking Interval Outdoor Series with Nicky Holender

Outdoor HIIT Strength Series with Kelsey Sheahan

Strengthen The Mind Meditation Series with Kevin Courtney

Simply choose the series that interests you the most, then complete all SIX workouts to receive your magnet in the mail! If you want, you can participate in all five series, but you’ll only receive a reward for completing one of them. 

Grab your headphones and make sure you’ve downloaded the iFit app to your phone, then log in to your iFit account. 

Remember, you can complete these workouts outside, at home, or on your equipment (you’ll just need to adjust your machine’s settings manually). Our trainers will give you audio cues every step of the way. You’ve got this!

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