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September Challenge: Complete an Audio Series

Lily Hartman

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With many gyms closing or limiting capacity this year, working out from home has become more popular, and at-home fitness enthusiasts are always seeking new and exciting ways to utilize working out remotely. High-Intensity Interval Training sessions and outdoor runs are common ways to get in a quick sweat from home, especially when members have access to the iFit app. For this month, we’ve decided to mix things up with our September Challenge, which includes audio-based workouts to give you the freedom to work out at your house or outside!

iFit’s September Challenge will push you out of your comfort zone. For each workout, you will listen to cues by iFit Trainers without having to focus on watching their movements—allowing you to take in the beauty of your surroundings as you jog off-road trails with iFit Trainer Phil Catudal on his Intro to Endurance Jogging Series, or focus on your breathing with your eyes closed as you relax with iFit Trainer Kevin Courtney on his Strengthen the Mind Meditation Series

If you only want to complete a single workout and not a whole series, there are also individual workouts you can follow in any terrain or environment you desire! Try Power Intervals with iFit Trainer Nicholas Holender from your home treadmill or along the coast, or try HIIT Strength with iFit Trainer Kelsey Sheahan!

From outdoor HIIT to yoga, meditation, and walking, you’ll have a variety to choose from. Pick one of the Audio Series below, then complete SIX workouts by September 30, 2020 to receive your reward in the mail!

Download the iFit app onto your mobile device.

Then, select and join your series:

Outdoor HIIT Strength Series with Kelsey Sheahan

Heartward Yoga Series with Nicole Meline

Power Walking Interval Series with Nicky Holender

Intro to Endurance Jogging Series with Phil Catudal

Strengthen the Mind Meditation Series with Kevin Courtney

You can complete these workouts outside, at home, or on your equipment. Our trainers will give you audio cues every step of the way.

With all of these perks, who wouldn’t want to take on the September Challenge? When you complete an entire series, which includes six different workouts, you’ll receive a magnet in the mail, so go crush this month’s Challenge and get your reward!

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