#MasterMealPrep Challenge

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This month, iFit Nutrition is challenging you to take your planning, cooking, and organizing skills to the next level by mastering the art of meal prep! To take part, all you need to do is meal prep four breakfasts or lunches each week throughout April. 

Whether you’re an avid meal prepper or someone who figures out dinner at 5 p.m., there’s something for everyone to gain with the #MasterMealPrep Challenge. Meal prepping can help you finetune your nutrition, stay on track toward your goals, reduce your food waste, and save money! Plus, it’s a great way to improve your kitchen skills and learn new recipes. 

This month’s challenge focuses on meal prepping breakfasts and lunches for a few reasons. For one, most people skip or skimp on their breakfast. That mid-morning hunger may bring you to a drive-thru line where you’re more likely to order a muffin or sugar-filled coffee. While these menu items are perfectly fine on occasion, they can leave you feeling unenergized and unsatisfied for the day ahead. A well-balanced breakfast will give you the fuel you need to tackle your to-do list! 

Similarly, last-minute lunch outings often lead to unplanned expenses and unbalanced choices. Having your lunch ready before you leave the house can help you stay aligned with your nutritional goals and limit extraneous spending. In fact, a 2018 USDA study revealed that over a third of our food budget is spent dining out. Planning and preparing your lunches ahead of time will help you put your budget to better use.

To help you with this month’s Challenge, we’ve compiled a list of meal prep-friendly breakfast and lunch recipes. 

Healthy breakfast recipes:

Freeze, then microwave on mornings you need a quick breakfast.

Add milk, then reheat in the morning.

Don’t add the egg until the day you make it.

Freeze, then microwave on mornings you need a quick breakfast.

Add to Greek yogurt.

Freeze, then microwave on mornings you need a quick breakfast.

Freeze, then microwave on mornings you need a quick breakfast.

Healthy lunch recipes:

Keep the sauce on the side.

Don’t add avocado or salsa until you eat it.

Pick a recipe that speaks to you, adjust the number of servings as needed, then add the ingredients to this week’s grocery shopping list. It may also be helpful to set time aside on your calendar for meal prepping. When you’re ready to prep, throw on your favorite podcast or playlist and get cooking!

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